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Dancing Kyuu

This is something that I don't get to do very often. In fact, it's quite rare. Though, I'd only do it around friends, or maybe even total strangers. I'd definitely not around extended family though. I would go out on my own to do this; but I'm quite scared to do so.

Coupled with DDR, Marching Band (steps), Para Para, and exposure to dance music via my sisters' collection, I can feel out a song. Then I move accordingly based on patterns that I am familiar with. Then, I mix it all up based on how I feel at a given moment. Then add on the stamina of a long distance runner. Then, I can really go nuts (all-out).

Happily, I can cite this as one personal means of expression. One of the most fun ones too.

Neglected LiveJournal

Hmm. I do have to apologize for neglecting my LiveJournal. Though, I still kept it such that there's a minimum of one entry per month. Yet, my journaling kept going for the most part on paper. Though, it was more difficult to keep up with that. I have no audience. Surely, I could have logged those entries here in private, but nah. A limit was necessary for my own collection; and it was good. As a result, I find myself to be collected for the most part.

Nevertheless, as a project, I am still incomplete; and I forsee this state of incompletion all the way to the end of my days. But, that is fine. It is a Christian priciple to be this way; and from this vantage point, the road will be a long and arduous one. Plus, it'll definitely be interesting.

With the turn of the year, into 2010, I can still look forward to many things. One project after another; all to build a Kyuu, that either I can be proud of or left in a withered state. Naturally, I'll prefer the former. Yet, even if I were to be left with the latter, then only one thing will be left: that is God's Word. To be honest, that is quite a daring statement; and it is one to be feared. Knowing who I am, I could very well slip up. But ultimately, under his watchful eye, things will be OK.

In any case, I seem to find myself typing up some entries without the aid of pen and paper. So, here I am again looking to document various concocted views that come out of my noggin'. Though, here I hope for one thing: words more from the heart, rather than the mind. After all, God brought me out of a blackheart. Now, it is in color. So, let's see what this Kyuu can do.

Dream Sequence: Crash Glass

This dream is rather odd, but it says something like many of my other dreams.

Standing at an open field, I get pulled into a hole or a pipe. After going through the pipe, I end up inside an underground room. It kinda looks like a cave or perhaps the room of an underground bunker (though not sure what that is supposed to look like). I see a potato and a female person of Irish descent. I'll assume Irish because of red hair and the potato. But whatever; I don't see any relevance of that detail.

Looking around, I don't see an exit but a glass wall at the far opposite side of the room. So, I run towards that room with my fist pulled back (while running). As I neared the glass wall, I forward punch it combining my arm's thrust and the momentum from running. Also, the dream's camera view switched from the view of my eyes, targeting the ideal spot to land my fist. I hit the glass; and the glass shatters. And I wake up feeling good and happy breaking that. It felt as if I escaped from something.

What was at the other side of the glass wall? I don't know. But then again, I don't care.

INTERPRETATION: Simple. I get pulled into something. I could have been trapped; but I found an exit and charged right for it. Not even a "glass wall" could stop me.

Runners do not Quit

Among people, there are a community of runners. I am among that community. Well, at least, I returned to it.

After high school, my ten year gap started; and my activity of running stopped at that point, along with many other things. I remember in my speech class during college. I once boasted the fact that I used to be a runner but not anymore.

Thanks to my cousin, I returned to this activity. I am not as good as I used to be; and that's to be expected. I'm not sparky young'un; but at times, I still feel that way.

Regardless, this is the best aspect of running. Even though, only an elite few can literally run for a living by earning relatively low prize money (compared to other athletes in sports). This is one activity that anyone else, like myself, and thousands of others can participate in.

During my training last year and even on the marathon run, I felt alone. However, that was not enough to get me to quit. I had a goal! Yet, I remember an article in the Forward in Christ magazine. In this article, it talks about this feeling of being alone or loneliness. It happens to many of us. We can't help it. But alas, no matter what; we are not alone. God is there watching ready to give and provide at the right times. Just for this reason, we keep going.

I've had various practice runs over the summer, where I did quit on a run. For example, I had one where I walked 5 miles home. Then again, I had to. It was either that or risk getting hurt, such that training overall may stop. So then, that is not quitting; for it was part of injury prevention. Then, the run's finish is saved for a later day; and that I did.

In the hopes of reaching the end, runners do not quit. This is what Christian life is like. In the event where we feel like quitting, we shouldn't. We keep going. When running, we keep going; and we don't quit. The best feeling from running comes from finishing. At the end, we can just look back and say, "Yes. We did it". Just for that reason, we don't quit.

Rules to Japanese Mahjong


I've been playing it online via Tenhou.net. If I could get the chance to play using real tiles, that would be great.

Next Large Project Unknown

Yup. The marathon was done. Right now, I don't know what do to next. I could set myself up for another one. In fact, I would like to run another - in another city. But not now. Probably not even next year, maybe. But, I think a large project of a different, maybe similar, nature may do the trick. The purpose of continued development is in mind. While open to suggestion, I'll be thinking about this for the next month, or two.

Timing for Everything

Be as it is may. It is God who has a timing for everything; for it is He who knows what is good.

Training Obstacle

Low and behold. I find myself faced with a minor injury, such that I actually had to reduce mileage training as recommended at marathon training.

Ironically, it happened on the flat surface of a paved bike trail; due to the storm the previous night, there was a rock or even a large seed on the trail. I stepped on that with my full weight and ended up straining the calf muscle. Yet, the pain was not noticeable until the next morning.

All I have to say about that: I'm thankful that my cousin introduced me into XSport's gym membership more than a year ago. If it weren't for this, training for the marathon made it easier and accomodating. Dealing with this minor injury, it gives me access to equipment that allows me to continue training without exacerbating a minor injury into something worse.

While I still find myself to be rather concerned about the mileage count, it is also best to not be a "slave to the training schedule"; yet, I'll admit to be stubborn enough to be just that. Previous experience regarding athletic injury says, "if it hurts, don't aggravate it".

With just 6 weeks left before the marathon, it is best to be careful from here on out; or else the opportunity to run this year would be compromised. As a reiteration, the goal of completion is still intact; yet, I do not have a time based goal. How "fast" I run this thing is irrelevant; completion is all that matters. Speaking of opportunity, the weather this year has been extremely cooperative. I could not have picked a better time to be training for this.

Praise be to the Lord for granting all these gifts. I look forward to completing this task and not give any of that merit to myself. Without Him, none of this would have been possible.

Kyuu's Limits

What are my limits? I shall find out and break each one as I do.