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Self-Analysis via Free Expression

3 January 1979

FA-Kyuu: Kyuu's Important Questions

1.) What is a Kyuu?
I just am. :)
2.) What makes Kyuu so special?
Kyuu is just like any other person who wish to learn more about oneself.
3.) What can Kyuu do?
Anything he wishes - as long as it is within his power unhindered by fear.
4.) Does Kyuu know anything?
No, he doesn't. Don't even think that.
5.) What does Kyuu want to do?
He does what he likes to do - as long as, it makes him better as a person.
6.) What is Kyuu's status?
I am a powerless individual who needs help.
7.) What is Kyuu's Mission?
Self-improvement for the betterment of himself - in relation to himself and others.
8.) What is Kyuu's focus?
Someone other than himself - especially God.